Emergency Board-Up Service

Expert Board-Up Service for Home and Business - Call 24/7 for Emergencies

Need board-up service now?

We work with your insurance company.

When your home or other building is damaged by a storm, a fire, vandalism, or even a motor vehicle crash, you’re likely to need to board up broken windows, doorways, and damaged walls or roofs to prevent further damage before and during repairs, cleaning, and restoration. Your insurance company and local attractive nuisance laws may require it too. Call us for emergency board-up service.

If you have a vacant building, boarding it up can prevent vandalism until the building is sold or occupied.

When you need board-up service, you need it now — so, if you’re in southern or Eastern Idaho, call Advanced Cleaning and Restoration now. We answer the phones 24/7.

Once the boards are on, we specialize in repairing and restoring your home and office after fire damage, water damage, dangerous mold issues, and more. Call us now!

Advanced Cleaning and Restoration is locally owned and operated, with locations in Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, service Eastern Idaho and Southern Idaho.


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